2009 - Establishment of Emmanouil Danas Company.

Its founder, the late Emmanuel A. Danas, Mechanical Engineer NTUA, with integrity and faith in its values had experience in the study and supervision of private and public projects since 1985. Based in Aroni Akrotiri, Emmanuel Danas and his associates had many projects which they carried out consistently and successfully.

2015 - Change of Share Composition

A graduate of the engineering department, Antonios Danas, son of Emmanuel, took over the reins of the company in 2015, where with technical knowledge, vision and creativity, he continued the great work of his father Emmanuel Dana. The company was renamed DANAS and SIA OE and its human resources increased, undertaking more private and public projects related entirely to building constructions, renovations, specialized insulation solutions, repairs and generally any kind of construction work.

2018 - Change of Headquarters

The offices and warehouses of the company from 2018 until today are located in the center of Chania, and specifically at 86 Zymvrakakidon Street. The renovated offices of our company which also have a ramp for the disabled are accessible to anyone interested, who wants either a private appointment with the specialized staff of our company, or some purchase of insulation and repair materials.

2020 - Danas Insulation

The Danas Insulation team was created in the middle of 2020 when after continuous seminars and training of our staff, we isolated the field of insulation as it is a sub-category in which we have given special emphasis. In order to ensure the most efficient provision of insulation services by our specialized staff, the company now trades in repair and insulation materials. Having a wide variety, the appropriate material can be used for each case, at a great price in relation to the competition.


Having a large legacy of private and public projects, both in the Prefecture of Chania and in the wider Region of Crete, the company continues its work always taking into account, the customer’s specific needs and expectations. Emphasizing on human resources, the company today consists of specialized scientific and technical staff, Mechanical Engineers, Architects, Civil Engineers, Decorators, Electricians, Plumbers, Refrigerators, etc., who have both theoretical and theoretical experience. in order to complete any task no matter how complex. In particular, the company currently employs about fifteen full-time employees, each with a specific specialization. It also has over forty external partners, thus covering the entire range of work that may concern a construction from the beginning to its complete completion. In addition, it has eight commercial vehicles and a truck with a crane, thus ensuring the response to any kind of construction work as well as to the trade of materials.