Activity sections


Our company undertakes the construction of detached houses, hotel complexes as well as any kind of construction with the use of specialized materials at prices that correspond to the data of the modern era. More specifically, it undertakes full supervision of the project from the first to the last stage of a construction / reconstruction, always guided by customer satisfaction, since the design and construction of each type of building is based on its special needs and desires. Adherence to the pre-agreed schedule and the financial budget as well as the emphasis on detail characterize the services of Dana Construction.


Renovation and restoration of all types of houses. After visiting the space that is to be renovated and following the wishes of the customer, we present our ideas through the photorealistic design edited by our specialized staff and together we end up with the changes that the customer desires. With the cooperation of the experienced associates of Dana Construction, the correct organization, the constant monitoring of the works course and the constant communication and information of the customer, the desired result occurs. Consistency, responsibility, quality assurance and speed are not negotiable in the design and implementation of any simple or complex project.